Homer - Responsive Admin Theme

Special Admin Theme for small and medium webapp with very clean and aesthetic style and feel.


HOMER v.1.9 package contents

HTML/jQuery version

  • Full version
  • Seed Project

This version contains all components and plugin created with strict HTML and jQuery. This version is great if you are a PHP, Ruby or JAVA programmer. As each page is created separately it allows you to quickly implement it for your project by including needed resources. The code is very clean and clear so you should not have any problems with its implementation.

ASP.NET MVC version

  • MVC5 Full version
  • MVC5 Seed Project
  • MVC6 Full version
  • MVC6 Seed Project

ASP.NET MVC is supported ASP.NET version of HOMER theme. This version contains a ASP.NET MVC5 and ASP.NET Core 1.0 project written in Visual Studio for .net developers. Project has implemented all the plug-ins and it is created in accordance with the convention MVC - Razor engine.

AngularJS version

  • Full version
  • Seed Project

Angular version is built with the latest technology contains well organized and coded controllers and directives written specifically to support angular framework (AngularJS 1.6.3) . Angular version is written with Opinionated AngularJS styleguide for teams. It is provided with full Grunt/Bower environment. In project folder you find also SeedProject. It is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web app.

METEOR version

  • Full version
  • Seed Project

This version contains Meteor project (METEOR@ with all designs and components from Homer theme. Project is created in accordance with the convention of Meteor structure and Blaze templating. (Great for for discover Meteor framework.)


  • LESS files (well organized by components, pages, plugins, and utilities)
  • SCSS files
  • PSD files - 37 files full layered

Project contains also css preprocessors files for LESS and SCSS. Additional we prepared 37 full layered .psd files for designer.